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Radio Derti FM


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Radio Derti FMRadio 98.6 Derti FM live! The streaming radio broadcast from Athena, Listen it online!

Title Informations
Name Radio Derti FM
Office Αγίας Άννης 1 & Παλαιολόγου, Χαλάνδρι, T.K 15232
Dial 98.6 (http://www.derti.gr)
Contact https://www.facebook.com/RADIODERTIhttps://twitter.com/derti986
Radio Abisinia is greece / greek live radio broadcast on air from Athena, its one of the Best Gr Radios in Athena city, programming with different matters on music, social, economic, traditional and cultural aspects of Greek.
Αγίας Άννης 1 & Παλαιολόγου, Χαλάνδρι
mail: info@derti.gr
τηλ. 2102692100
Απευθείας επικοινωνία με το studio του Derti 98,6 και τους παραγωγούς κατά τη διάρκει των εκπομπώ, στο onair@derti.gr
Listen to the radior radio Derti live FM online.  the radio deliver various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment,  and news, broadcast live from Greece. Check out radio dertifm website to get the latest entertainment news. Its have featured artist and all the new concert live music videos. Listen the latest music album from your favorite artists. The language used is english.
Find the latest music online information from hip hop, pop, jazz, reggage, and another music, get also the breaking news, talk, business, politics, sport, health, lifestyle, live streaming, and DJ profils. Explore science, tech, religion program & more, with videos & news, Just exclusives on your favorite radio stations or stay in its frequency.

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Unique among African countries, Ethiopia was never colonized, maintaining its independence throughout the Distribution of Africa, except for a period of five years (1936-1941), when he was under Italian occupation. It is also the second oldest nation in the world to adopt Christianity as its official religion after Armenia, but was the first kingdom to adopt Christianity, being a monarchy of Israelite origin. Furthermore, Ethiopia was a member of the League of Nations, signed the Declaration by United Nations in 1942, founded the UN headquarters in Africa, was one of the original 51 members of the United Nations and is one of the founding members of the former OAU and current AU, during the rule of the famous Negus Haile Selassie I. Its capital and largest and most populous city is Addis Ababa.

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