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Radio Kalman Uživo


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Radio Kalman UživoRadio Kalman Uživo live! The streaming radio broadcast from Tel Sarajevo, Listen online radio!

Title Informations
Name Radio Kalman Uživo
Office Varaždinska 18, 71000 Sarajevo
Dial 91.5 FM (http://www.kalmanradio.ba/)
Slogan Kalman radio – Narodni radio
The story of the Kalman radio is a success story, love, vision and desire conducted the work, the collective who knew cope with all the challenges and problems faced by all major media. The story of the Kalman and the story continues.Kalman radio has started in April 1997, as the realization childhood dream only violated, the owner of the radio. 1999 years of IMC agencies (former Communications Regulatory Agency) has received the permanent license to broadcast radio programs.
Already from the start broadcasting its program, editorial policy, program goals, Kalman radio had only one determinant, be “people’s radio”.With superb opportunity tone masters, managers, technicians …, Kalman radio is growing by the day, binding to its frequency army of loyal listeners as well as business friends who are in the Kalman recognized and desire, and emotion, and the potential and honesty as it as a whole seemed special in comparison to others.
Only its own resources, their own marketing, billing services advertising and promotion, audio production, Kalman has built their own transmitters and ancillary facilities in several locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina so that they can talk about their issue and telecommunications network Kalman radio, which is really rare when business biographies media in Bosnia and Herzegovina in wonder.Continuous monitoring of the research results of listeners more independent agency for market research undoubtedly show that the Kalman worked for many years, “leader of the Bosnian FM sky” and a true media brand.Kalman, as a primarily national radio, in its information section meets the needs of listeners in content, objective, interesting information from all areas of social life. Also, special attention is paid to fostering the contents of general social significance.
Kalman worked equally accepted listeners of all ages, ethnicity, educational level, and all of them, first of all, is characterized by the cultivation of those basic human values.Their values ​​Kalman radio is developed through a strong emotional connection with the audience, too, that the radio waves his left to those who think, speak and understand differently.
We insist on freedom, pluralism of opinions, attitudes, perceptions … the tolerant communication and appreciation of diversity of all kinds with the aim of creating a healthy, progressive impact on the society, at the same time reducing negative misconceptions, limited and unhealthy attitudes.

Your daily friend and guardian “of the Bosnian soul”, a trademark of the ordinary BiH man … The only national radio, YOUR KALMAN!

Sarajevo (Serbian Cyrillic: Сарајево, Bosnian and Croatian Sarajevo, spoken by the inhabitants as Saràievo) is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before the war, the last population census in 1991 assessed the 429,672 inhabitants and is currently estimated at 310,000 inhabitants. Sarajevo comes from Turkish Saray which means “palace of the Sultan” (has the same origin as the Seraglio in Catalan) and ova which means field.

The city is considered one of the most important cities in the Balkans and is particularly rich in its history since its creation by the Ottomans in 1461. The city was the place where they assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria that marked the beginning of the First world War and most recently hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics and was besieged during the Bosnian war in 1990. Sarajevo is part of canton Sarajevo, one of the ten cantons in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

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