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Radio Naxi Uzivo Beograd


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Radio Naxi Uzivo BeogradRadio Naxi Uzivo Beograd Uživo live! The streaming radio broadcast from Beograd, Listen online radio!

Title Informations
Name Radio Kalman Uživo
Office Bežanijskih ilegalaca 26, 11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija
Dial 96.9 FM (http://www.naxi.rs)
Contact Telp: +381 11 318 65 16 E-mail: naxi@naxi.co.rs

Naxi Radio, the most popular Belgrade radio station, founded in 1994, and in 2011 formed the Naxi media team that, in addition to radio coverage and Naxi Naxi portal and digital – the first network of digital radio stations in Serbia.Naxi radio was founded on 29 November 1994 and quickly found himself at the top of the list of the most listened to station, thanks primarily to the quality of pop and soft rock music. It could be said that at the right time found that “space” that has been missing in the media (primarily radio) scene in Serbia and took it, leaving little room competition. Always striving for better and more meaningful program, Naxi worked, with the help of expert consultants, but above all thanks to the great will and vision and its own resources, has become the first domestic radio stations formatted to the highest standards that were applied at the time in England, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary …. AC (Adult Contemporary) format or precisely defined program scheme with a short and interesting speech segments and by the quality of domestic pop and soft rock music, are highly positioned Naxi.

According to the survey of listeners over the past five years Naxi worked in the first place as the most popular Belgrade radio stations, with more than 600,000 listeners.

Naxi radio is today known for the quality of the program: one of the first radio stations in Serbia introduced the concept of “morning show”, “rich” version of the morning program that listeners not only provides the most important information and announcements of events in the city, but they with generous dose humor and interesting topics, morning more fun and meaningful. One of the most recognizable brands that are related to the Naxi radio and by which it people, perhaps most, is recognized emissions “My 50″, in which famous singers, actors, leaders … choose your favorite fifty local pop and rock songs. List of regional stars who were guests of the program “Naxi radio” is long: from Zdravko Colic, Dino Merlin, Aki Rahimovski, Severina, Nina Badric and Gibonnija, through the Government Georgieva, Sergej Cetkovic, Zeljko Joksimovic … to young stars that are just Naxi chosen for the radio station, which will promote them (The Frajle, Zeljko Vasic ..). Very often celebrities and other language areas showed a desire to welcome listeners and discover them something about yourself (such as the famous Dutch chef Rudolf Van Wines, “a protective face” channel 24Kitchen).

Belgrade (Serbian: Београд) is the capital and the largest city in Serbia (since 2006), Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006) and Yugoslavia (1918-2003). The city has an area of 359.96 km² and a population of 1.67 million inhabitants.

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