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Radio Index Uzivo


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Category: Srbija

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Radio Index UzivoRadio Index Uzivo Beograd Uživo live! The streaming radio broadcast from Beograd, Listen online radio!

Title Informations
Name Radio Index
Office Belgrade, Serbia
Dial (http://www.indexradio.rs)
Contact +381 11 40 40 470, office@radioindex.rs
Description radio Index is one of the five commercial radio stations with national coverage for the whole territory of Serbia. The fundamental frequency of the Belgrade area is 88.9 MHz. Radio Index is an urban radio station, facing an educated audience, the modern understanding of the students’ best age to middle age. Program Radio Index briefly be described as: reliable information and the normal music. In addition to informative, special attention was paid to the entertainment and contact program specialist music shows and short forms of radio.People who have created today’s Radio Index and media brand INDEX once created and student radio program “202 Index”, “Indeksovo radio theater” and the university radio “Index”.

Student radio program “202 Index” was broadcast as a one-hour daily program on the station “Beograd 202″ since 1971. Many now know the names of Serbian journalism have passed through the newsroom “Index 202″. During the eighties was particularly popular “Indeksovo radio theater”, a regular program “Index 202″ became virtually the first independent electronic media in the former socialist at sunset.

In May 1989, the crew of “202 Index”, in collaboration with the youth show “Rhythm of the Heart” Radio Studio B, founded the Youth Radio B92. The cooperation lasted until June 1990, when the “Index 202″ returns to the program “Belgrade 202″.

University radio “Index” during the student demonstrations of 1992 established the University of Belgrade and University of Arts. Broadcast on frequency 88.9 MHz began on June 19, 1992 at 15:20 from Studio 15 Radio Belgrade in Macedonian street, under a contract of cooperation of Belgrade University and RTS. In November 1998, the University radio “Index” is ejected from the premises of Radio Belgrade. Thus has also ceased to exist as a medium, as in the rest of Belgrade Radio broadcast studio, newsroom equipment and the transmitter frequency of 88.9 MHz. The Belgrade universities, then under the control of the Milosevic regime, they appointed a new management that has never managed to re-start broadcasting the defunct University of Radio “Index”.

The team of reporters and editors in August 1999 continued to operate under the name Radio Index, or at another location, with other equipment and other transmitter on the frequency 99.8 MHz, acquisitions by private capital. Radio Index did not have any financial nor legal ties with the founders already defunct University of Radio “Index” (University of Belgrade and University of Arts), even then the leadership of both universities refused any contact with the members of the editorial board. Radio Index is the only independent electronic media in Belgrade on October 5, 2000. The program aired live from the streets of Belgrade.

Belgrade (Serbian: Београд) is the capital and the largest city in Serbia (since 2006), Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006) and Yugoslavia (1918-2003). The city has an area of 359.96 km² and a population of 1.67 million inhabitants.

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